What You Need to Know About Hiring Municipal Contractors

Cities across the United States rely on private construction companies to design and build their skylines, green spaces, and other areas. New York is no exception; as one of North American’s largest cities, the City of New York has relied on municipal contractors to help create one of the world’s most iconic and intriguing cities.

When New York and other cities seek construction companies and general contractors to help grow their urban environments, they evaluate them on a number of criteria, including exploring their past projects. Now, more cities are implementing green building and design for a more sustainable future—but not all construction companies and contractors offer the same commitment to green practices.

Here are a few factors cities evaluate when exploring their options for hiring municipal contractors.

Factor #1: experience

Just as private businesses and individuals want to see an exceptional track record of designing and erecting green structures, municipalities do, too. Cities arguably care more about this, as they are largely funded by taxpayers, and are under pressure to deliver attractive, safe, and sustainable designs to serve the needs of residents.

As more cities seek to incorporate sustainable design, they’re more inclined to hire companies dedicated to these green practices. Signature Constrcution Group, Inc., has since 2007 been a member of the USGBC and has a LEED AP-certified staff that understands how to effectively include sustainable elements with any construction project.

Factor #2: diverse portfolio

While a track record of completing quality projects is essential, many public entities want to see municipal contractors’ experience with a variety of projects; not all cities or towns require large builds. Any reputable construction group will be able to demonstrate a range of projects, both large, small, and everything in between.

While new construction is quite common, reconstruction or interior renovations are also a large component that drives cities’ decision-making processes. As cities age, the need for reconstruction and renovation emerges.

This is especially true in sprawling cities like New York and Boston, as well as smaller cities like Hartford and Stamford. Signature Construction Group., Inc., has completed numerous reconstruction and renovation projects in these cities and has the experience and talent to complete your municipal project whether it’s a new build, renovation, or refresh.

Factor #3: competitive bidding

Though municipalities often have many construction companies to choose from, the selection process isn’t so straightforward. Companies bid on the project in hopes of securing the municipal contract, with the lowest bid often winning the contract.

However, municipalities must weight the aforementioned factors (as well as any other project- and company-specific requirements) in addition to considering the bidding price. In the initial bid, contractors will usually submit a proposal that includes:

  • How they will manage the project
  • Materials need to complete the project
  • Blueprints/design
  • Total costs

Because each project is different, municipalities take many factors into consideration, which is why they may be more inclined to entrust the project to a company with a stellar portfolio and blueprints—not the absolute lowest bid. Reputable contractors will be able to position themselves and their services as a premium product while still offering an attractive price.

Trust Signature Construction Group, Inc., with your municipal contracts

With more than three decades in the construction industry, Signature Construction has the experience and dedication to complete your sustainable project on time and within budget. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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