Services to Landlords

Pre-Construction Services

  • Assist tenant with selection of space by providing construction consulting/budgets for various locations
  • Review design documents and create preliminary schedule
  • Value engineering services
  • Provide cost estimates for different design proposals
  • Conduct constructability reviews and assess opportunities to reduce cost and schedule
  • Expedite design process through coordination with Owner and A/E
  • Identify long lead items
  • Assess local markets regarding labor and material availability and shortages
  • Pre-qualify subcontractors and screen approved bid lists
  • Convene and chair pre-bid and award meetings for Subcontractors
  • Expedite Building Permits

Post Construction services

  • Prepare punch-list with assistance from the Architect. Signature Construction uses PunchPro technology to develop a pre punchlist to improve the quality of results
  • Prepare final accounting for the project, and ensure all lien waivers are in place
  • Schedule all building department sign offs
  • Deliver Certificate of Occupany to tenant and landlord
  • Assist Owner in establishing maintenance program
  • Establish warranty work procedure
  • Prepare close-out manual containing all warranties, operating instructions, as-built drawings and specifications

Construction Services

  • Create master schedule
  • Award subcontractors
  • Execute and administer the trade subcontracts
  • Provide insurance and ensure all subcontractors COIs are current and location specific
  • Establish field office, organize project records, and commence field contract planning
  • Lead weekly project meetings and update minutes for tenant, architects, owners rep, engineer, and additional project team members
  • Monitor quality controls
  • Establish a guaranteed maximum price for the project
  • Supervise, schedule and coordinate the subcontractors’ work
  • Implement site safety program
  • Review and direct all methods and means of construction
  • Provide regular updates of the cost and progress reports
  • Inspect work for contract compliance and building owner approvals
  • Coordinate the subcontractors’ work with the Tenant’s vendors and consultants
  • Establish and administer payment procedures for the work
  • Establish procedures for implementing and monitoring changes in the scope (change orders)
  • Represent the Tenant with regard to claims received from the subcontractors
  • Maintain field records, accounting data, drawings and project documentation
  • Maintain the project schedule
What an awesome team we have. Everyone stepped up and did what was necessary to help make this phase of the move a success and I have to tell ya...the 16th floor looks amazing.

John Mungo, Malcolm Pirnie

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