How Are Remodeling Contractors Incorporating Green Design into Today’s Homes?

Today, when people want to remodel their home, they almost always ask for green features. We are all looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and to lower energy costs. Green design can also help you achieve a healthier home when you use natural building materials that won’t emit many, if any, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air.

But, the reality is, a lot of homeowners don’t realize all the ways remodeling contractors today can make a building greener. From major changes such as installing solar panels to minor material choices, there’s a lot you can ask your contractor to do to make your home more eco-friendly – and to reap the benefits of a more sustainable lifestyle.

Take a look at some of the top ways contractors today are making homes greener and think about incorporating these features into your next remodel project.

Energy-efficient windows

Window technology has improved tremendously over the past few years. Today, double pane windows can dramatically reduce your building’s heat loss in the winter and unwanted heat gain in the summer. If you’re looking for a way to cut your energy costs and to add value to your home when you remodel, ask your contractors about installing double-pane windows.

Low flow toilets

Water is becoming an increasingly valuable commodity. If you want to make a huge impact with your water usage, consider installing a low-flow toilet.

According to the EPA, toilets use about 30 percent of the average home’s total water usage! If you have a toilet that was manufactured before 1980, it’s using 5 gallons of water for every flush. Those that were made between 1980 and 1994 use about 3.5 gallons. The low-flow toilets made today use between 1.28 and 1.6 gallons.

While the first low-flow models didn’t win over a lot of consumers, many of those on the market today are just as powerful as the older water-guzzlers. Ask your remodeling contractor about a good model, check out consumer reviews, and start saving water and money. Usually, after one to two years of use, you’ll save more on your water bill than you paid for the toilet.

VOC-free or low-VOC paint and flooring

You can improve your indoor air quality by choosing low-VOC material options. Paint your walls with VOC-free paints. Instead of using polyester carpeting or synthetic flooring, choose carpets made from natural fibers or a natural flooring choice such as bamboo (which is also sustainable). You may pay a little more upfront for these eco-friendly products, but your home will be a healthier place to live. Plus, with natural fiber carpets and bamboo flooring, you can count on longevity, durability, and an aesthetic boost to your home.

Use salvaged or recycled building materials

From salvaged wood for your new kitchen cabinets to recycled insulation materials, you can make your home more eco-friendly by giving materials a second life. If you aren’t sure where to find recycled and salvaged woods, metals, glass, or concrete, we can help you out. We’re industry leaders in green building and design and are well-versed with sourcing, installing, and designing with green materials.

With green innovations and advanced green technology, you’ll be surprised to find out how eco-friendly you can make your home. If you’re looking for remodeling contractors who can help to make your home more sustainable, healthy, and environmentally-friendly, get in touch with us today.