Construction Services From Signature Construction Group Inc.

For three decades, Signature Construction Group Inc. has provided top-quality construction services for premium clients.

Our team covers a wide range of design and construction services and includes architects, engineers, accountants, superintendents, project managers, and more.

We are considered an industry leader, not only in open and spacious contemporary designs, but also in green energy and conservation. Creating buildings that serve the community, business, or other concerns is only one priority. Ensuring that they serve as part of sustainable communities for years to come serves as the other.

Who We Are

At Signature Construction Group Inc., we understand that our work will create cornerstones of communities. This means that our work is built to last. We take pride in providing our clients with exemplary service regardless of the job.

Our team has led in the design and/or construction of some of the most striking projects in the Northeast. From New Jersey to Massachusetts, Signature Construction Group Inc. has built state of the art educational complexes, community buildings, cultural centers, and much more.

We also work closely with business clients to create office buildings, corporate parks, and more. Our team can provide strong support for businesses that want to have a reduced environmental impact.

Client services always come first. We take the time to learn about your project and its needs. Regardless of whether we contract to construct a 4,000 square foot room or a 100,000 square foot building, we provide attentive service and top quality work.

Some companies focus on a narrow niche. At Signature Construction Group Inc. we prefer to work in a diverse number of areas, providing a wide range of services to a number of different types of clients.

Our Construction Services

We have a broad spectrum of experienced talents on our team. These resources helps us to do more than the average construction firm.

If you need assistance on preliminary aspects of the project, the construction of the building itself, or post-construction services, Signature Construction Group Inc. can take the lead or work with any other contractor on the project.

Furthermore, our team can work on any aspect of a project from the first stages of planning to the last elements of post-construction service.

Our team can also lead and direct the project from beginning to end.

Services to Landlords

We work closely with owners and landlords on projects to construct or improve their structures. These services can cover any aspect of a project, including the design of the building, cost assessments, assessing the difficulty of getting labor and materials, construction services, and more.

Services to Tenants

We also work with commercial and non-profit tenants who need to redesign or renovate a new space before taking over. Services to tenants can include reconfiguration of the design, physical adaptation of the space, and working with essentials such as materials, labor, and sub-contractors.

Services to Architects

Finally, we work closely with architects. We help to ensure that building designs closely match the needs of our clients. Additionally, our team engages architects at each step of the design stage to make sure that the project’s plans match the available materials, budget, and other client concerns.

Reach Out Today

Contact us today to learn more about how Signature Construction Group Inc. can help with your commercial or non-profit project. Our expert and professional staff can answer any questions about the vast array of services available. We can also schedule you for a consultation on starting a project with us.

Let us take the first step together toward a beautiful new space.