Commercial Contractors That Care:
5 Things You Didn’t Know About Green Building

Did you know that buildings account for nearly half of our energy consumption nationwide? It’s no secret that humans make an impact wherever we go, and nowhere is that more noticeable than in the construction industry.

These days, the spread of information, advancements in technology and focus on social responsibility have brought attention to the sustainability measures we can take to repair and improve our world. As one of the leaders in the construction industry, our team of commercial contractors wants to do our part by increasing quality green building throughout the tri-state area.

If you’re ready to do your part to help the environment, green building is a great way to contribute.

What is a Green Building?

Green building goes by many names but all of them mean the same thing — the process of building in ways that reduce negative environmental impacts and promote positive impacts in their place.

The goal of green building is to improve the quality of life not only for our generation, but for future generations as well. We do this by acting responsibly in preserving our precious natural resources, reducing our carbon footprint and creating buildings with more care than we ever have before.

We know that designing and building sustainably isn’t just about the materials — it’s also about the process. As environmentally-responsible commercial contractors, we are continuously striving to imagine, design and deliver green buildings for our clients.

Want to learn more about green buildings? Here are five facts that will help you understand it better.

5 Green Building Facts You Should Know

There are many myths surrounding green building — that it’s more expensive, for example — but the truths about this practice might surprise you.

  1. It isn’t a fad. There are some who believe that green building practices will disappear given enough time; in fact, the opposite is true. We’re seeing an increase in demand for green buildings thanks to the environmental movements of the late 1900s, the depletion of our natural resources, the limited capacity of landfills and people like you who are focused on creating a sustainable lifestyle.
  2. It won’t break your budget. Dollar for dollar, the cost of a green building is marginal compared to conventional buildings. The initial amount accounts for a very small percentage of total costs and the life-cycle costs of a building — water, electricity, heat, etc. — are greatly reduced by going green.
  3. It offers a variety of benefits. Environmental benefits aside, green buildings also offer economic benefits such as increased property value and reduced operating costs. In addition, they carry social benefits including increased productivity, better air quality and improved quality of life for the occupants.
  4. It’s not as easy as it looks. That being said, green building isn’t as simple as it looks — it requires better collaboration and teamwork, deeper research, greater efficiency, and some experience. Hiring professional commercial contractors will make any job much easier — especially those that involve green buildings.
  5. There are many ways to achieve your goals. A green building is about more than recycled materials. There are many ways to achieve your sustainability goals including:
  • Implementing renewable solar energy
  • Sourcing ethical, non-toxic and sustainable materials
  • Choosing a sustainable site
  • Adapting to the environment

We Put the Emphasis on the Environment: Signature Construction Group Commercial Contractors

Here at Signature Construction Group, we know that it’s our job to help you achieve your sustainability goals. Our professionalism, expertise and dedication to being responsible commercial contractors have made us an industry leader throughout the tri-state area.

Browse through our completed projects or see what our satisfied clients have to say about us. Ready to start the construction process? Contact us today and learn how we can help you build a green building to meet your needs and goals.