5 essential questions to ask your commercial contractor before starting your project

Whether you are looking to renovate your office building, apartment units, or any other type of commercial building, there are five essential questions that should be addressed when you sit down with your commercial contractor. Prior to hiring your commercial contractor, you should have a good understanding of their past projects and how they relate to yours, how their company is structured, and a realistic budget and timeline. Your commercial contractor company should be there to guide you every step of the way, from pre-construction, construction, and post-construction—so having a solid foundation to start is an absolute must.

How is your company structured?

No matter how big or how small your project may be, knowing the structure of the commercial contractor company is important to understand how things will be tackled. At this point you will learn whether the work for your project will be kept primarily in-house, or if there will be a need to hire subcontractors, and how that selection process works for the company itself. You can also learn about the company’s licenses, bonds, and insurance plans that keep you and their workers protected. You may also want to ask who your primary point of contact should be throughout the project.

What are some similar projects you have worked on?

When finding the ideal commercial contractor for your specific project, it’s crucial to review the company’s repertoire to make sure they have worked on other projects similar to yours, and completed them successfully. At this time, you should also take the opportunity to review the company’s featured projects and can even ask for references.

Realistically, what does my timeline look like?

Now we can get down to the nitty gritty. During internal renovations and ground-up constructions alike, it is common that outlying factors may affect things like timing or budget. As you sit down with your commercial contractor to review the ins and outs of your entire project, they should provide you with a master schedule—but understand that things might change. Here is a good chance to ask your commercial contractor the changes or problems that might impact your project later on. Contingency plans are always necessary when planning for a project, depending on the time of year, weather, or materials that may cause problems to arise.

What is the breakdown of my budget?

With every project, it is crucial to establish a breakdown of the overall budget to get a realistic idea of how much each aspect of the project will cost. Your commercial contractor should be able to provide you with cost estimates for a few different design proposals. At this point, the local markets will be assessed in regards to labor, material availability, and possible shortages that might make your project cost more. Your commercial contractor will also conduct constructability reviews and assess opportunities to reduce the cost and even the schedule. Similarly to your timeline, the breakdown of your budget can change as the project progresses, so ask your contractor to be transparent every time something changes—no matter how small it may seem.

Can we get it in writing?

Although this one may seem obvious, you should always make sure that you and your commercial contractor have thoroughly reviewed and signed an agreed-upon contract. Your contract should address the established project planning, and also possible contingencies that might cause things to change. Your contract should establish project specifics and certain deadlines that need to be met.

Who we are

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Five essential questions to ask your commercial contractor before starting your project