4 Signs You Need To Remodel Your Building

When you Google, “remodeling contractors in my area,” look no further than Signature Construction to get the job done. For landlords, it is always hard work to keep your rental units in good working order. We have a wide array of experience remodeling buildings to reflect the integrity of the structure and incentivize renters to live there. Rental units are always in need of a remodeling every decade or so to keep a renter’s interest in the building and acquire new ones to move in. Below we discuss a few signs that your unit is in need of a remodeling.

When you start to notice renters leaving.

Besides hiking up the price on your units, renters will start to leave when the building begins to look outdated and jaded. Renters will look for a few essential factors that will keep them resigning their lease when the year is up. These include updated appliances, price, updated interior, competitive amenities, and easy to access maintenance. If your building is lacking in any of these areas, it is definitely time to consider a remodeling. While it may seem like an expensive and unnecessary measure, it is the best investment you can make to ensure that your rental business stays strong.

Outdated safety regulations.

Safety and building requirements are always changing and being updated. When your building begins to lack the proper regulations it poses a safety and legal hazard between you and your renters. In the event something did go wrong and your building was not inspected, you can face some serious legal battles that will end up costing you thousands of dollars. Make the sound investment now and save yourself the headache and stress of a legal battle.

Interior wear and tear.

This goes without saying, but perhaps the best tell-tale sign of a need to remodel your building is general wear and tear. As buildings age, this is a natural phenomenon and doesn’t necessarily mean the building’s structure is bad, just the interior needs some fixing up. Common signs are paint chipping, frayed looking woodwork, weathered-looking flooring, and worn cabinetry.

Empty apartment units.

If you’re having trouble acquiring new renters or having existing renters resign their lease, its definitely time to consider revamping your building. Young renters want to live in an updated and modern looking apartment building. Unless the price is unbeatable, older looking buildings are less appealing to younger renters that are moving into cities. This is an ideal demographic to penetrate and most of the time they will pay a little extra for a nicer place. You will also have an opportunity to keep them as long term renters if they like the building enough.

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